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Download Beyond Good & Evil HD on Xbox Live Arcade

The game:

A legendary classic, remastered in 1080p – Created by the studio behind the Rayman series, Beyond Good & Evil received multiple awards from the world gaming press: IGN’s best adventure game and best story in 2003. In 2004, it was nominated for three IGDA Best-of-Year awards: Game of the Year, Original Game Character of the Year, and Excellence in Game Design. But now, this already awesome game just got better: full HD 1080p graphics, enhanced character models, upgraded textures, and a remastered musical score.

Live an epic and colorful adventure – With 12 hours of intense action, live or re-live the story of Jade and her pig Pey’J. Freely explore Hyllis, a beautifully unique world with quirky inhabitants and diverse alien wildlife. Walk the busy streets of Hyllis’ main city, infiltrate the dark and dangerous military bases of the Alpha Brigades, or just cruise around the vast ocean for more adventures.

How to download the game on Xbox Live Arcade

From your computer

Tip To check how many Microsoft Points you have available on the Marketplace page, click Check Points Balance in the top right corner of the page.

  1. On your computer, go to Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  2. Click My Account, and sign in if you haven't already. Use the same email address and password that you used when you signed up for Xbox LIVE.
  3. Browse the Games, Video or Avatar departments to find what you want to buy
  4. In the catalog, select your item and click Download to Xbox 360.
    Note If you receive a message that you cannot download because the console does not have the latest software, you can update the console software from the console.
  5. Your selection and the number of points required are displayed on an encrypted page. Do one of the following:
    • On the Use Microsoft Points tab, click Confirm.
      If you do not have enough Microsoft Points, click Add Microsoft Points.
    • On the Redeem Code tab, enter your prepaid code and then click Redeem Code.
    • On the Congratulations page, you can either go to your Queue or click Done.

From your console

  1. Go to My Xbox, and then select a marketplace.
  2. Browse the marketplace to find what you want to buy.
  3. In the library, select the item and then click Downloads.
  4. Select the item, and then do one of the following:
    • To use your Microsoft Points, select Confirm Download.
    • To use a prepaid code, select Redeem Code, and then follow the instructions.
    • To download the item to a USB storage device or memory unit, select Change Storage Device and then follow the instructions.
  5. Select Play Game, and start playing!

Download Beyond Good & Evil HD on PSN

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Download Beyond Good & Evil (classic edition) on PC

The vast, peaceful planet of Hyllis has fallen under siege by a relentless alien race. After a desperate struggle to defend her island, a Hyllian named Jade collapses in exhaustion – only to be tormented by disturbing visions. Despite public assurances that the planet has been secured, Jade begins to suspect that there’s more to these invasions than the government has disclosed. When a rebel organization reinforces her doubts, Jade begins a harrowing journey to get to the core of the conspiracy.

Armed with her camera, aikido staff, and resolute investigative skills, Jade sets out to expose the truth and to liberate the minds of her deceived people. Pushed to the very edge of her physical and spiritual will, she soon discovers that even these limits are not what they seem … Her quest for the truth knows no bounds.

Key Features

  • FLUID GAMING EXPERIENCE: Enter a riveting new era of gaming, where diverse gameplay styles blend into one uniquely fluid and immersive experience – powered by the innovative JADE game engine
  • AN EPIC STORY OF TRUTH & DECEPTION: Plunge into a mysterious, gripping saga where nothing is as it seems and unraveling the truth is the only hope of restoring freedom.
  • LEAD THE REBELLION: Fight using stealth, force, and wits against the only reality you have ever known. You must stop at nothing until the perpetrators are exposed.
  • BOUNDLESS, AWE-INSPIRING WORLDS: Journey through the reaches of a strange and ever-changing universe – a place beyond earthly imagination that spans the galaxy and mines the very soul of Jade herself.
  • FROM THE CREATOR OF THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED RAYMAN FRANCHISE: Created by Michel Ancel, Project BG&E is his latest masterpiece – a title in development for the past 3 years

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: 700 MHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ processor (1000 MHz or higher recommended)
RAM: 64 Mo (256 MB RAM for XP)
Video Card: 32 MB video card
Sound Card: DirectX® 9-compatible sound card
4x speed or higher CD/DVD drive

Size of the file to download: 1.7 Gb

Estimated download time:
DSL 1024: 180 Min.
DSL 512: 360 Min.
Modem 56k: 3000 Min.






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